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For the benefit of donors and fundraisers, we've established a scoring system to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Trust Scores range from 0 to 10, where a good score is 5 or higher.

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Non-default profile picture
Visitors browsing Tallycoin will recognise you from your profile picture.

Changing the default profile picture will give you some more trust in the eyes of potential donors.

On your profile page, hit the EDIT button, then select your picture.

Twitter verification
Verifying your Twitter account adds trust by helping potential donors know who they are interacting with.

We require your Twitter @handle to be the same as your Tallycoin @handle so that accounts cannot be impersonated.

Verification is as simple as sending us a direct message (DM) on Twitter.

Make a donation
Making a donation to any Tallycoin user (except yourself) adds to your Trust Score by showing others you are a participant on the platform, and not just sitting on the sidelines.

You can donate to anyone, even the minimum amount. You can also donate towards development and upkeep of the Tallycoin platform.

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Receive a donation
Receiving your first donation is a joyous moment. This means someone finds value in the work you do or cause you support.

Therefore, if someone trusts you enough to make a donation, we feel it's appropriate to add a point to your Trust Score.

Use Tallycoin Connect node software
Tallycoin Connect is our software for bitcoin/lightning nodes.

Some popular node implementations that include our software are Umbrel and Raspiblitz, or can be downloaded from github for more advanced users.

Using Tallycoin Connect gives yourself and your donors the highest level of privacy and censorship resistance available on the platform.

Using our software also proves you have a bitcoin/lightning node, which deserves additional points towards your Trust Score.

Endorsement from established Twitter account
An endorsement occurs when one user vouches for the authenticity of another user.

Endorsements must come from an account in the Top 1000 hive.one list of Bitcoin Twitter.

If you are already in the Top 1000 list, you will automatically gain these trust points after verifying your account.

You must verify your Twitter account prior to receiving an endorsement.

The endorser must send us a direct message (DM) on Twitter with the words

" I endorse @twitterhandle "